Award Alert: Asiana Award Space over Peak Season!

Asiana Airlines is one of my favourite airlines as they have great food, great service, and a great First Class Suites product on their 777-200ER. As well, they’re receiving the A380 in a few months. They also have blackout dates during peak periods such as Christmas and the Lunar New Year which I’ve found annoying, as no award seats are released during those times.

Asiana Blackout Dates

Asiana Blackout Dates

I was looking at some award space this morning and noticed that I saw many first class seats during the blackout period. It seems like as of right now, Asiana is releasing award space for during their blackout dates. This would be huge for me, if I haven’t already booked my trips through the 11 months the calendar is open.

But for example, there are TWO first class seats for Seoul to New York right over the winter holidays and new years, which are blackout dates for Asiana.

ICN - JFK Space

ICN – JFK Space

There’s also lots of space on other routes as well, such as Los Angeles – Seoul before Christmas.

LAX - ICN Award Space

LAX – ICN Award Space

There’s also plenty of space during the Lunar New Year from Seoul, which happens to align with my reading week break, coincidentally.

ICN - LAX Space

ICN – LAX Space Business

ICN - LAX Space First

ICN – LAX Space First

Intra-Asia space is also very good.

Seoul - Tokyo

Seoul – Tokyo

Seoul to Hong Kong

Seoul to Hong Kong

Generally, Asiana award space is quite good 10-11 months out as they release award space when the schedule opens, but in my experience the blackout dates are pretty firm and previously I’ve never seen an award seat during the dates. I’d assume this is a glitch so act on it fast as they could pull the seats anytime.

If you’ve been planning travel during the Christmas/New Year period but haven’t pulled the trigger, this might be a good opportunity.

(Tip of the hat to Roland)

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  1. The reason Asiana’s First space is so open is because you’d have to be nuts to pay United’s ridiculous new rates for these tickets. Soon they’ll have more capacity on LAX/ICN due to the A380, but other than maybe giving these suites a one-way try, I’m moving away from Mileage Plus. Korean Air is looking good, especially with Asian’s recent cost reductions in First (food, gifts, etc.).

  2. Arrrgghhh… if only they did this before USAirways left *A! I suppose United miles are still good for Biz class, is there a reasonable way to redeem for F?

  3. A lot fewer miles chasing these seats now:

    – UA devaluation
    – aeroplan fuel surcharges added to OZ flights
    – US DM leaving star alliance

  4. Glitch has been corrected – Window is gone
    Thanks for the great tip anyhow as i was able to catch some desirable seats…

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