I’m Moving!

As you may or may not know, BoardingArea has had a bit of tech trouble with the boardingarea.com/blogname sites, so we are all moving to blogname.boardingarea.com sites. Thus, the BA tech team is porting all my stuff over to the new site which will be canadiankilometers.boardingarea.com.

If you have bookmarks and RSS reads check to make sure those still work. I believe email subscriptions shouldn’t be affected. Comments and posts will be temporarily disabled today, and I’ll see you tomorrow! If you have anything urgent/important, feel free to tweet or email me.

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  1. BoardingArea doesn’t have any tech problems with CanadianKilometers, but we enjoy supporting its growth so much that we thought it best for readers to see “canadiankilometers” first in the URL rather than “boardingarea”. Seems the right thing to do. Here’s to your continued success with the blog.

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