Lifemiles Transfer Promotion July 2014

Avianca LifeMiles is offering a transfer miles bonus again for July 3 to 17, 2014. During this promotion, the cost to generate miles drops again from 3 cents per mile to 1.5 cents, which is the classic purchase rate for LifeMiles during both buy and transfer promotions. Lifemiles runs either a purchase or transfer bonus every couple of months, which last ran in May.

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LifeMiles Transfer Promotion

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion Details

As it is a transfer bonus, it means that you do need to have miles in your account (or have friends, relatives, pets, pet rocks etc. that have miles in their accounts). Transferring miles will cost 1.5 cents each. They are giving you a bonus mile for every mile you’re transferring, so that means essentially you’re given the option to “purchase” miles at 1.5 cents, up to 75,000 miles per calendar year between LifeMiles accounts. Filling in the form is very straightforward and the bonus miles box automatically populates:

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Transferring 10,000 miles costs $150, and with the promo you get 10,000 bonus miles. Transfers have to be done in blocks of 1,000 miles.

Lifemiles Transfer Promo Cost

Lifemiles Transfer Promo Cost

Would I recommend transferring miles through this promo?

Yes, if you know that you’re going to get a good value from the miles as even with a regular redemption you can get a business/first class redemption to Asia or Europe for just under $1500 one way on Star Alliance partners. They also have extra access to Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines award space. Keep in mind, through cash and points, that you can top up for an award at the time of ticketing with cash and points. You only need 50% to get the same 1.5 cent ratio to top up for the redemption.

For more information about Lifemiles, check out my post on Lifemiles Tricks and Strategy. Lifemiles purchases are processed directly with the airline, so do use cards which offer category bonuses for airline purchases. They process in USD so for Canadians use a card with no foreign transaction fee such as the Chase Marriott Visa.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I never saw an update on your Avianca award routing issues a while ago. What happened? Will you ever be providing an update? Thanks.

      • Apologies if I missed a post where you provided the update I am looking for. In a post you made on May 9th you described being denied boarding to a Lifemiles award booking. In the comments section of that post someone asked, “Jeff, I’m curious about why you got denied boarding.” To which you responded, “It’s a long long story, that I’ll reveal once this mess gets cleaned.”

        I guess the update I am looking for is for you to reveal this long long story.

        Thaks again.

      • Sorry, I just realized I got the date of your post wrong. I believe this was something you mentioned in a post on May 6th, not May 9th.
        Will you be providing an update? Thanks very much.

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