Lifemiles 100% Purchase Promotion Returns!

Lifemiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, which often makes miles available to be acquired at 1.5 cents each, during promos. This 100% purchase promotion is one such opportunity. This promotion will run until until September 30th.

LIfemiles 2x1 Promo

LIfemiles 2×1 Promo

Lifemiles Purchase Promotion Details

Through this promotion, Lifemiles will give you a bonus mile for every mile you purchase, in 1,000 mile increments. Lifemiles normally sells their miles at three cents apiece. The bonus is automatically calculated when you fill in the form of the number of miles you’d like to purchase.

Lifemiles Bonus Purchase Form

Lifemiles Bonus Purchase Form

The maximum amount of miles you can purchase in an account, 150,000, would cost you $2250 USD.

Lifemiles Purchas Cost

Lifemiles Purchase Cost

Would I recommend transferring miles through this promo?

Many people here do like to purchase miles to redeem for discounted routes that are available through glitches. However, Lifemiles have had a history for devaluing their programs, as well as fixing glitches, so I wouldn’t stock up on them. It is comforting that if you do have the knowledge you are able to access nearly all regions of the world for 30k miles or less. For more information about Lifemiles, check out my post on Lifemiles Tricks and Strategy.

This is the last promotion where you’ll be able to purchase lifemiles for 1.5 cents, so if you are planning to purchase in the future it might make sense to do it now, as starting in October the price of miles will be going up to 1.6 cents per mile. They do run these transfer/purchase promotions every few months. As well, Lifemiles is devaluing their award chart slightly starting October 15th with their new chart available here.

In any case, you’re going to get a good value from the miles as even with a regular redemption you can get a first class redemption to Asia or Europe for just under $1500 one way on Star Alliance partners, except on Lufthansa First which isn’t available for the most part to be ticketed with Lifemiles. Furthermore they do have extra access to Singapore Airlines Business Class space, which I wrote about here. Keep in mind that you can top up for an award at the time of ticketing with cash and points. You only need 50% to get the same 1.5 cent ratio to top up for the redemption.

Mixed class redemptions, long layovers, and  stopovers are not available, and for the most part calling the award center is atrocious in my opinion. So if you are intending to buy miles for a business/first class ticket where there is availability to your desires and you can ticket online, definitely consider purchasing Lifemiles. Lifemiles purchases are processed directly with the airline, so do use cards which offer category bonuses for airline purchases. They process in USD so for Canadians it’s a good idea to use a card with no foreign transaction fee.

You can purchase miles at this link.

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