American Express Platinum Card Canada Incredible Offer!

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The American Express Platinum Card is one of my favourite Canadian credit cards.I’ve had it for a few years, and love it a lot. American Express is also one of the better credit card issuers because of their stellar card benefits and customer service.

The signup bonuses for the American Express Platinum Card and American Express Business Platinum Card are now 75,000 bonus points!

This is the biggest sign-up bonus we’ve ever seen on this card.

American Express Platinum Signup Bonus Details

This 75,000 points bonus is the highest bonus ever. Here are the details of the signup bonus:

Historically, the normal signup bonus on the Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card have been 50,000 and 40,000 points respectively. Utilizing non-public links have given you 60,000 points after completing minimum spend.

I have never seen a 75,000 points offer ever in Canada. This is a incredible deal, and the best current credit card in Canada to get.

My guess would be that AMEX is either testing this for a limited time offer just to see what happens (similar to the very time limited 75k AMEX Biz Gold Offers in the US), or as a longer trial, in which case it’d last a few months.

If it is the former, then I would say to apply for either card within the next week – otherwise you’d be able to pickup both cards within the next few months for 150,000 miles!

There is no stated end date for these, and can be subject to change at any time. Thus, I strongly recommend you get these cards as soon as possible.

How much are Membership Rewards Worth?

American Express Membership Rewards are worth to me a minimum of 1.5 cents USD (2 cents CAD) – meaning the 75,000 points from the Platinum Card signup offer are worth $1500. This is the LARGEST signup bonus, in CANADA, EVER. 

AMEX MR points are also quite flexible, being able to be transferred to Aeroplan and British Airways Avios at a 1:1 ratio. 75,000 Aeroplan miles are enough to get you business class to Asia or First Class to Europe, one-way. That’s just with one credit card!

If you also get the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, which also has a incredibly high bonus of 30,000 points and first year annual fee waived, that gets you 105,000 Aeroplan just from two cards – pretty close to roundtrip business class to Europe for just the taxes.

Transfer American Express MR to Aeroplan for Lufthansa First Class

Transfer American Express MR to Aeroplan for Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class tickets normally cost $7000+ at retail prices, so this is an incredible deal leveraging your miles and points.

If you instead want to go to New York or Los Angeles, you can transfer your AMEX points to Avios, where a roundtrip ticket from Vancouver to Los Angeles or Toronto to New York is only 15,000 British Airways points roundtrip. From just one credit card, you could bring the whole family down to the States (or go five times yourself). Taxes on these redemptions are tremendously low compared to other redemptions.

Using Membership Rewards transferred to BA for Los Angeles - Vancouver

Using Membership Rewards transferred to BA for Los Angeles – Vancouver

American Express Platinum Card Benefits

I’ve had the Platinum Card for a few years, and it is the best card in Canada for benefits, especially travel.

This includes valuable features such as:

  • Unlimited Airport Lounge Access (through the American Express Platinum Lounge Program and Priority Pass)
  • Benefits on Luxury Hotel Stays with Fine Hotels and Resorts
  • $200 Travel Credit Per Year
  • Hotel Elite Status and Other Travel Benefits

These benefits, among others, are listed in more detail on the application page.

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

I have definitely gotten hundreds of dollars in savings from these programs. There’s even a post that goes into more detail on whether the Platinum Card is worth it – the answer is definitely yes! Using the $200 Platinum Travel Credit twice generates a $400 rebate towards the $699 annual fee. This means your annual fee essentially is only $299. You should definitely not be turning down 75,000 points for $299 CAD!


I’ll definitely be giving lots of coverage to this card in the near future, especially given that this is undeniably the best credit card in Canada in terms of benefits and signup bonus. In the off-chance that this is a time-limited promotion, I’d definitely be picking up one or both of these American Express Platinum and Business Platinum Cards from AMEX.

However, not only is the signup bonus great, but the long-term card benefits are also phenomenal – the $200 travel credit essentially is a free rebate for anyone who spends money on travel.

If you are planning on getting a few credit cards at once, I’d also recommend the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite or Scotiabank American Express Gold Card – which both come with an annual fee waiver. The Aeroplan card will get you 30,000 points which supplements the 75,000 points from your AMEX quite nicely, while the Scotiabank card gets you a $200 travel credit to offset the taxes and fees from redeeming Aeroplan or Avios.

Do you plan on getting the American Express Platinum Card or American Express Business Platinum with this offer?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was going to apply business SPG which is more valuable I think, but since they increased bonus for business platinum, I dont know which one I should choose. Currently I have a personal platinum so I can refer myself and get more bonus. Which one do you think is better? Thanks!

  2. $700 annual fee?? If I had that kind of cash I wouldn’t be churning credit cards! That’s seriously outrageous.

  3. How do you get two $200 travel credits in a year? You mention it in the post but I don’t see that anywhere on the cards page.

  4. Thanks! Do you put company name for business card or personal name on both? Can i refer my spouse for business card if i have platinum personal card and get referral reward or vice versa?

  5. Hi Jeff, when I’ve done this before with my wife, she ended up getting bonus points for getting her card and I ended up getting referral points. Assuming that we both benefit, can you point me to how in the world can you find a trip to Europe in Business Class that doesn’t have a ton of surcharges and is far less than 110,000 miles?

    I was going to use an old link you had but I guess it is safer to have you email me a new referral link.

    Thank you

  6. if i apply now and get accepted, when will my first annual fee be due?
    just trying to figure out when I am going to be asked to pay 700!

  7. I had that card in 2011 and cancel it. I call amex and they said I wont have any welcome bonus. Is there way to still receive the bonus?

    • According to the AMEX T&C you are only supposed to receive one bonus per card. However, in practice it hasn’t been enforced yet, especially if you held it so long ago and if you’re using a refer a friend link.

  8. My partner cancelled her Amex Platinum Personal last year, If she apply, will she be eligible for the 75000 sign up bonus?
    If yes, can please you send a link for the link.

  9. Sorry, I meant the referral link for the American Express Platinum personal with the 75000 sign up bonus.

  10. Hi, can you please tell me how you know for sure that the once a lifetime sign-on bonus for Amex cards has not been enforced yet? I am interested in the Plat card, but if what you say is true about it not being enforced yet, I might give the gold cards another go. Please send me the link to the platinum card signup as well. Thanks.

  11. Could you please send me the referral link for the Personal American Express Platinum with the 75K bonus
    Thank you!

  12. I recently had the AMEX gold and got the bonus but cancelled that card. Since this is a different card I will get the bonus. Is that correct? Will use your referral if it is. Thanks

  13. What a bummer! Just call amex and they only offer 50 000 point throught your link because they said it not a personal referal. I had to cancel the card 🙁

      • I call, before activating the card and I wanted to make sure I got the 75000 points. She said your offer is only 50000 points. I told her that I apply throught your link and she said the offer I got for your card is 50000 point and she didnt want to give me the 75000 point because she I have to be personally refered. I am 100% sure that I apply throught your link and I didnt want to go throught the hassel of redeming the 200$ travel credit twice with only 50000 point, so I ask to cancel the card.

  14. Anyone know how the travel credit works?
    1. Do we have to book throught the amex travel centre to take advantage of this? Or is it just any travel on card?
    2. What qualifies as travel related? Flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, tours, any outside canada purchase?
    3. Do you call in to redeem it or is it online?

    • With TRIPFLEX you can book from anywhere you want. AMEX travel or your own searches. The points can be applied to any travel related purchase no matter where you make it from.

  15. Must I book through Amex Platinum Travel Service to get the $200 credit or Can I book it elsewhere, e.g. through Expedia?

  16. Hi,
    Could you please email me a referral link for the Personal American Express Platinum card?

  17. Just came across this article and apparently AE is still offering this massive sign-up bonus! I do have a question regarding the priority pass that comes with the AE Platinum: do you know how long is it valid for? I know that in Europe, it’s 5 years but I’m not sure what it would be in Canada.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Also, not sure if it matters on your end or not, but the referral for the Business Amex Platinum Card.

      • Jason I can help you getting the Business Platinum Amex if you’re still interested with a 75K bonus points offer on a 5K spend.

  18. Thanks for sharing the link. I applied and got accept. Before activating my card Amex said I get 50,000 points but can not confirm the 75,000 points. I called several time and talked to 3 different people. I finally had rep say that after my $1000 spend it may show up in the next 2 statements.
    She further advised me the priorty lounge $399 is included in the card. Me and a guest would have unlimited access to any lounge included the Amex centurion lounge. As well as I get to use my first $200 this year and then again in January 2017. Everyone should check their statement after the spend.

    • How soon after the 1000 spend did you get your 75k? I’ve spent well over now in the first 1.5 months and nothing has posted. Thanks!

      • really quick. I spent the 1000 and the next 1 or so.. It was posted when I viewed my bill online. I recommend you call Amex and inquire about the link when you will receive it.

        • Ya I called them a month ago and they said to wait till the 8 weeks was up. Just called again and nothing. They are opening a dispute or w/e they call it then I will call them again. I’m gonna be pissed if they don’t even give me the 50k bonus. I’ve already referred a couple friends and their 75ks posted before the downgrade to 60k. Not exactly pleased about this lol. Glad it worked for you though!

  19. when I clicked your link for the platinum card it is only 60000 points. Also what are the rules for a business platinum card? Why wouldn’t you just go the business way and fee is only $399

  20. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    I just looked at the AMEX Platinum card site and unfortunately it now says “New Platinum® Card Cardmembers, earn 50,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® points by making $1,000 in purchases in the first three months of Cardmembership.”

    In your opinion is it still worth signing up for a year just for the bonus?


  21. How soon after I apply for the American Express Business Platinum Card do I receive the $200 travel credit? Timing is important at this time of year.

    Also, on your Canadian credit cards page, you say this about the Amex Platinum (non-business) card: “If I had to pick one card to get, this would be the one!” Why that card and not this one?

  22. For the Marriott Gold status that this card gives you, do they credit you 50 nights each year to get it or does the night count show 0 and just say Marriott gold?

    The reason I’m asking is I’m looking to switch from Marriott Rewards Card from Chase (cause its dead) and they credited me 15 nights every year for Silver status, so 35 more nights got me Gold.

    Hoping Amex credits 50 nights and 25 more would get me platinum status with Marriott.

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