A Pretty Way of Generating Credit Card Spend

I was looking at the Canadian Mint website the other day, and I saw this coin:

Mint $25 for $25 Coin

Mint $25 for $25 Coin

Given that we’re in the holidays – my first thought was – wouldn’t be such a nice coin to get for this time of year? Then I realized I don’t keep the coin anyways. 😉

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What was crazy, however, was that you can get over $2300 in coins in one order.

Mint Order

Mint Order

That’s the highest amount I’ve ever seen at once. While you are limited by household, there are multiple creative ways to get around that. Just two orders would satisfy the high minimum spend requirements for the American Express Business Gold and Business Platinum Card.

People are saying it’s not possible, but it is. At one point I was doing 5 figures every 14 days, teehee.

Mint - My Order

Mint – My Order

There’s one question I’ve been getting a lot via email, so I might as well answer it publicly:

How Do I Deposit these Coins?

All Big 5 banks should have a process to deposit these coins at face value. Your local branch might not know about it, but if you go high enough someone will definitely know. With firsthand reports from friends and readers, I know people have been able to deposit these coins at four out of the Big 5 Banks, so anyone living in the country should be able to do so.

Purchase Link: Royal Canadian Mint

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  1. No wonder so many folks in the states were saying they were moving to Canada after our recent election!

  2. Any one in Winnipeg successfully at exchanging coins for cash. I have been to two banks and even talked to the manager but they would not do it.

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