Getting 4% Back on All Your Purchases: Manufactured Spend Canada

The Canadian credit card market isn’t as hot as the American one, but we have it quite good compared to the rest of the world. Manufactured spend is the same – a lot better in the US. However, there are also a couple of excellent cashback cards available.

Personally, I value traditional loyalty programs more than cashback, because my travel style involves premium class flights and luxury hotels. These generally have very high retail prices, so I use points to get them at 90%+ off.

My wallet contains cards like the American Express Platinum Card, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, and the Starwood American Express. These credit card all have some of the best signup offers to date. For more details, check out these posts:

However, if you’re willing to put in the time with cashback cards, it’s quite lucrative.

Getting 3-4% back on nearly… everything

There are two or three credit cards you should pick up to make this work:

Confused? Let me explain.

Tangerine Credit Card for 4% cashback

Tangerine released their no-annual fee cashback credit card last year. Until 12am Eastern tonightthe card offers 4% cashback on up to three categories if your cashback is deposited in your savings account.


If you don’t already have a savings account with Tangerine, you can earn up to $50 for opening one and depositing $100. You must have a Tangerine Savings Account.

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Tangerine offers 4% cashback on any of the following categories.

The categories I would select are Home Improvement or Furniture, Recurring Bill Payments, and Public Transportation/Parking. This is because these are categories that no other cards in Canada offer a bonus on.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite/Gold American Express

Scotiabank is one of the issuers in Canada that offer up to 4% back on select categories as long as you hold the card.

The Scotiabank Gold American Express earns 4 points/$ on eligible gas, groceries, dining, and entertainment expenses. Until January 31, the card offers 20,000 points, worth $200 in travel, as well as a first year annual fee waiver.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

You can use Scotia Rewards to book travel at 1 cent apiece. Their travel center now offers a best price guarantee, so if you book tickets through Expedia, Orbitz, or other online websites, the points are as good as cash.

If you want cashback instead, I would recommend the Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite, which gives you 4% cashback on gas and grocery purchases. Until January 31, the first year annual fee is waived on this card as well.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite

Depending on how much you spend on dining and entertainment, it might be worth getting this card because Visa is more widely accepted than American Express.

Getting 3%+ Back on Everything – With Manufactured Spend

Congratulations on getting to this part of the post – I know I’ve thrown a lot of details at you! Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve applied and have been approved for the Tangerine Money-Back MasterCard and Scotiabank Gold American Express. This means you’re earning a 4% return on the following categories:

That should cover the majority of your monthly expenditures. But what about the purchases which aren’t part of these categories?

There’s been a lot of buzz about manufactured spend in Canada, although not many people have really written about it. To provide a brief explanation, I consider manufactured spend (MS) as when you attempt to quickly put spend on your credit to earn points rapidly (whether it’s to earn points everyday or to meet minimum spend).

With this definition, prepaying your telecom bill by $1000 even though your monthly bill is less than $100 is considered MS. That’s the “beginner range” of MS – there are certainly more advanced variants which I will not disclose online. The best ways of MS’ing are spread by word of mouth offline.

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Vanilla Reloads … in Canada – MS Tip #1

In the US, Vanilla Reloads were the rage a few years ago when you could purchase them with a credit card that earned 5x points at Office Depot. That’s long gone, but in Canada, they are still available to be purchased with a credit card. The idea is to use your Scotiabank Gold American Express or your Momentum Visa Infinite Card to purchase at an establishment where you are earning 4x the points or cashback.

Vanilla Reload - Manufactured Spend Canada

Vanilla Reload – Manufactured Spend Canada

Vanilla Reloads are able to be loaded to certain prepaid cards. You can then spend them like a debit card on purchases. The idea is that by utilizing the prepaid card on purchases you normally wouldn’t get a bonus category on with your credit card, you can thus earn a 4% return (minus the fee for the reload pack) on all your spending.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to use Vanilla Reloads – it’s just an example I’m bringing up. There are quite a few variants on the different prepaid cards available. However, on top of that, you may be able to stack other rewards programs (like fuel points) on top of your purchase – not to mention that often times there are promotions which reduce/waive the fees for reload packs!

Note that you’re not earning any points when spending with your prepaid card – you’re earning them when you load the funds onto the prepaid card with your Scotiabank cards. I’m still a little vague here, so if you want more details, please send me an email.


The method I just mentioned might be terrifically complicated – in that case, you just want to pick up one or two credit cards for everyday spending – like the American Express Gold Rewards Card that recently increased their welcome bonus to 30,000 Membership Rewards points, or the MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard which offers 25,000 Alaska miles as a signup bonus.

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But, to summarize:

I assume that’s the majority of your monthly purchases. For those other categories:

  • You utilize your credit cards to purchase reload packs for a prepaid debit card at an establishment that will give you 4x the points/cashback, and use the prepaid card to make purchases on everything else to earn 4% (minus fees).

That’s how you maximize your rewards and credit cards to the fullest extent! 🙂

Apply for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card today! Offer ends tomorrow, January 21.

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  1. […] In every single scenario there are multiple variations of the product and the credit card you use while still being overall profitable. In Canada, we have essentially no psuedo-bank products like Bluebird. We also have no 5x category bonuses with reasonable limits. The only card that could compare is the Scotiabank Gold American Express, which earns 4x in several categories with a $50,000 cap. That’s why I advocate getting this card if you want to spend to earn more points. […]


  1. Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card says 2% Money-Back Categories will earn 4% money back for the 92-day period beginning on the date the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is activated.

    You article dies not seem to mention that the 4% is for 3 months only. Am I missing something to earn 4% with this cc on a recurrent basis? At 2% cashback, I’ll continue to use my BMO World Elite m/c.


    • I guess my post was too complicated for you – after the 3 months with Tangerine is up, I’d swap to the Scotiabank Gold Amex or Momentum Visa Infinite which earns 4% as long as you hold the card.

      • I do use the Scotiabank Gold Amex for those categories that rebate 4% .
        Your article was about the categories not covered by the 4% eligible through the Scotiabank Gold Amex or Momentum Visa Infinite.

        Now that you agree that the Tangerine credit card pays 4% for only 3 months, what are you suggesting to use for month 4+, to earn 4% on categories not covered by Scotia Gold AMEX ? I presently use BMO World Elite m/c to get 2%, but would look at other alternatives, if they provided 4% on a long term basis.

          • Thanks for the clarity on this issue.
            You wrote that “Vanilla Reloads are able to be loaded to certain prepaid cards. You can then spend them like a debit card on purchases.” I tried to follow up on your comment and ended up at , which described visa +m/c prepaid cards ,but the the website did not allow credit cards to buy these prepaid cards nor seem to allow for reloading them. So, I would appreciate if you would provide some more guidance as to how to use my Scotia AMEX to purchase cards that function like debit cards.

  2. This isn’t entirely related to the cash-back credit cards you mentioned, but you do mention cards like the Amex SPG and Amex Gold Rewards card and their signup bonuses. I have held these cards in the past and gotten the sign-up bonus, but I heard that you are no longer eligible for signup bonuses for Amex cards if you have had them in the past. Can you clarify? Thanks

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