Alaska Miles for 0.6 cents with this Deal!

Certain promotions (like the Garuda Indonesia for 90% off) really get me excited. As a number person, I love that you can stack offer on offer to get such a fabulous deal. This one is with Virgin Wines and Elevate – read on below.

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Virgin Wines Promo - 5000 Elevate Miles

Virgin Wines Promo – 5000 Elevate Miles

Splender $5 Promotional Credit after First Purchase of $50+

Splender is a cashback portal that offers the highest cashback on the following deal. To maximize your benefit, you have to sign up through a referral link, which gets you an additional $5 Cashback Bonus on your first purchase of $50+.

Splender Refer-A-Friend Cashback

Splender Refer-A-Friend Cashback

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Virgin Wine Deal – Earn up to 6500 Alaska Miles!

Virgin Wines is offering 15 (12 + 3 Bonus) bottles of wine for only $79.99, with free shipping to many US states.

While that by itself is a horrible deal, they’re also offering 5,000 Virgin American miles for subscribing. Since these miles convert at a 1:1.3 ratio to Alaska Airlines, you’re earning 6,500 Alaska Miles for $79.99 (1.23 cents).

But, that’s not it, because you can go through a cashback portal called Splender that gives you an additional 12% in cashback ($9.60). If you sign up through a referral link, you can earn an additional $5 after your first purchase of $50+.

Screenshot 2017-01-23 09.50.42

12% Cashback with Splender

Finally, there is a US AMEX Offer where you get $50 back after spending $150.

Virgin Wine Deal – Crunching the Numbers

Working out the numbers again, for a household of two:

  • Cost: 2 @ $79.99 = $159.98 + taxes (depending on your state)
  • Cashback: 2 @ 12% = $19.20 + 2x Referral Bonus $10 = $29.20
  • AMEX Offer: $50 off $150 = $50
  • Miles Earned = 10,000 Virgin America or 13,500 Alaska

The lowest possible cost this deal would come out for you triple stacking these offers would be $80.78 for 10,000 VX/13,000 Alaska Miles. That’s a spectacularly low cost of 0.6 cents apiece per Alaska Mile. On top of that, you’re getting 30 free bottles of wine!

Whether you live in the US or Canada, you can pick up an Alaska Airlines MasterCard, which gets you 25,000-30,000 additional Alaska Miles. With Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines First Class only 70,000 miles one-way, you’re already halfway there just by getting one credit card and doing this deal twice.

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Japan Airlines First Class

Japan Airlines First Class

The funny thing is that I don’t really care about the wine. I could literally ship it to any of my friend’s addresses in the US – and it’d be a nice gift!

Signup for Splender and get an additional $5! Buy Virgin Wines at this link.

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  1. A bit of a red herring to post this US offer on a Canadian site without making it clear at the start that it is only for US residents with a US AMEX card with the special offer. Perhaps a heading outlining for US Residents Only would make it a little clearer.

  2. @caveman no need to donate, I’ll take them:)

    Jeff, I don’t think the Amex deal can be used here unfortunately as I can’t figure out a way of ordering 2X packs in one order. As usual it has to be a single purchase for the rebate.
    Still a good deal, specially if you like wine like we do:)

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