Earny Review – Get Money when Prices Drop Post-Purchase!

Earny is my new favourite site. I’m always checking out the latest apps, so I love discovering new innovative services. Why am I such a fan? Continue reading.

What is Earny? A Review

Earny.co is a website that tracks your online purchases through your email, and gets cashback for you if prices drop after purchase. They automate scrapping your your email receipts and checking product prices so you don’t have to.

Earny Review

Earny Review

This is huge. Even though many retailers offer to refund the difference if the price drops after you purchase, it’s rare that you bother to check or file a claim, especially if the purchase is small. There are many major retailers covered, including Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Staples, among others.

Amazon Savings - Price Drop Refund

Amazon Savings – Price Drop Refund

What’s more, is that Earny partners with Citibank and Chase to automatically file claims for the price protection insurance that most credit cards offer. This is especially great for retailers that don’t offer refunds for price-drops after purchase, like Amazon.

Earny Credit Card Price Protection

Earny Credit Card Price Protection

I got my first refund today for $3 on a $12 purchase. Is it worth wasting 10+ minutes of my time filing a price protection claim to save $3? Definitely not. But I wouldn’t even have noticed that the price dropped on Amazon on my purchase! That’s what’s so great, because that’s all done for you now automatically!

Right now, Earny only covers US retailers, although I know most Canadians do a lot of cross-border shopping, so it’s really easy to just sign up and not have to thinking about it. This is jus another easy way to save money when purchasing online, in additional to shopping portals, electing the right credit card for insurance like price protection and extended warranty, and checking to see that I’m earning a category bonus.

Sign Up for Earny today and start saving money!

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  1. This is great if you are ok with giving Earny access to review all or your email contents and a 25% cut of every refund they get you (which they can change the Success Fee percentage at any time). You also have to agree that you cannot use any other price protection tracking services, so be aware of what you are agreeing to when signing up!

  2. What I do is I have a filter in my gmail account to automatically forward emails from ecommerce sites to a second email I opened where Earny has permission to look.
    In the second email, I also have a forwarding rule to send all Earny emails back to me

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