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It’s a new week… and Aeroplan is doing a Q&A here, with you asking the questions!

Everything about Aeroplan is on the table – the struggle with Air China/Swiss/etc. redemptions, the TD, CIBC, and AMEX co-brand partnerships, what’s happening after 2020, and anything in between.

Questions will be accepted for the next 48 hoursPlease send me an email or comment below with your question.

I’m really looking forward to this! 🙂

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  1. The high taxes on Aeroplan redemptions to Europe are always a major annoyance, especially since they only apply to certain airlines (including Air Canada).

    When the media asks why these fees are collected, typically Aeroplan says that Air Canada imposes the fees and Air Canada says that Aeroplan imposes the fees.

    What’s the real story?

  2. Alright, I’ve done some brainstorming…

    Can we look forward to Aeroplan offerings with other credit card providers?

    The promotions to fill a few planes with Aeroplan bookings was well received. That would be a good promotion again, either with AC or with another airline that Aeroplan will partner with.

    Also, that promotion was great, but it left a few of us outside of YYZ and YUL wondering if there’s opportunities for more seats for us. Is there the opportunity to do that on a smaller scale in other markets?

    Many other rewards programs have branched out into dining rewards program. It seems like offering Aeroplan would be a good fit for one or a few chain restaurants. Anything new coming that way?

    Will the Aeroplan Star Challenge be returning?

    It’s Air Canada who broke up with you guys.
    They created Aeroplan as a spin off, and spun it off, and then dropped the relationship. But few people are blaming Air Canada for this situation. Somehow the travel world isn’t upset with Air Canada. How come? (Okay, that’s not a real question for Aimia. But I would like to know the answer.)

  3. As a Diamond member, what can we expect in enhancing benefits?


    – an annual allowance of complimentary agent bookings/changes

    One of biggest complaints is the website is down way too often. What are they doing to address that?

    And when is Copa, Avianca coming back?

  4. Oh… one more…
    How did the Aeroplan website manage to build in a feature to show partner-airline reference numbers before AC did? 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the Q&A too!

  5. What is the problem with miles getting credited from the TD AEROPLAN US card?
    Miles are missing, but TD says it is an AEROPLAN issue and AEROPLAN says it is a TD issue.
    (I’m giving up, too much of a time drain to ever get it straightened out. Just cancelled the card.)

  6. when are they gonna “fix” their “IT” issues with COPA and Avianca!!! I wanna be hittin up SA but can’t be doing anymore UA not to mention that UA hardly flies to any destinations there.

  7. When is COPA and Avianca flight rewards going to be bookable again? This has been going on for months and it makes travel to South America through Aeroplan nearly impossible.

  8. It would be nice to have Air Canada allow Aeroplan points to be used on the entire Star alliance network after their split with Aeroplan. Are you considering it?

  9. Maybe the most important question!

    If Aimia goes bankrupt, will rewards tickets issued by Aeroplan still be honored be Star Alliance carriers?

  10. I’ll echo some others…

    With the stopover rules, Aeroplan truly is one of the best frequent flyer programs, despite some of the outrages fuel surcharges. However, recent outages to SWISS and Avianca and seemingly never ending outages to Air China and Copa, the program has been significantly stripped of it’s value. What exactly is being done to rectify these situations as they have been “ongoing” for far far too long? Why have no workarounds been offered, such as being able to book, but only via phone?

  11. 1. Is still available? I understand that this use to be the case, but i’ve heard that the only way to contact aeroplan is by twitter or over the phone. Most of the tweets end up asking you to please call our 1800 number. And most of the time, the wait takes forever unless your have Diamond membership.
    2. Can you book Cathy Pacific in the mini-RTW?
    3. Say you book your ticket a year ago, but today you feel that the taxes and fees are cheaper then when you book the ticket. Any chance that you can challenge your taxes and fees to be recalculated?

  12. When will you fix your address screening software, which prevents entry of perfectly accurate addresses? The number of my house contains a number, followed by an Alpha character. Also, there is a suite number. I must call the Aeroplan contact Centre to have this data correctly entered. This absurd situation has existed for half a decade. Fail!

  13. It would be great if the availability calendar could pull up business or first only and not the mixed cabin awards. Mixed cabin are OK if the economy part is short i.e. Intra Europe. However,
    economy on the long haul portion is just plain annoying.
    If I have gotten this wrong, someone please correct me.

  14. Over the past several months, flights on Aeroplan are very limited. What I noticed was over night flights or 12 tom18 hour flights to fly from western Canada to Eastern Canada. It took 6 months for flights to become available that were a day flight and a reasonable 7-9 hour flight. It was not that the flights times were not there, the flights were not offered for reasonable day time flights. I checked the Aeroplan sites 5-7 times a day, not counting other people looking on my behalf. Over the past 20 years, I have booked flights a year in advance, with no issues, this year it was impossible because the flights were not offered under the rewards option. There were however lots of options available under the Market Fare option. Why were these flights not availble to all members?

    Thank you,


  15. I think the biggest question is what is happening after 2020 and is there any clients that are that you are in negotiations with, after Air Canada.

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