Promotions then and now…

One thing I’ve come to realize is that I’ve been here a long time. Not as long as a few others, but it’s been a while.

I remember the first ticket I booked was when Aeroplan had a “sale” where you could book First Class at business class prices and Business class at economy class prices. That lasted a few weeks, which would be absolutely be hilarious if something similar happened today.

That was sometime mid-2011, and I was 16 at that time. My, does time fly! I don’t feel old just yet, but there are quite a few things that have changed since I’ve started utilizing miles and points for my travels. Here are some of my thoughts.

Promotions Come and Go

I always had the mentality where I wanted to get in on everyone promotion (I still do), but if I missed something it was like the sky was falling. Back then, Whatsapp wasn’t as ubiquitous, and people still had Blackberrys. I remember telling people to call me if there was a mistake somewhere.

There have been just so many good deals that have happened. The best ones I’ll only tell in person, but there’s been mistake fares galore, elite status giveaways, and agents that didn’t know geography (Oh, US Airways).

Even though I look back and wistfully think about how I wish those were back, there are still plenty of fantastic deals available, in spite of this day and age. And back then, TD points could transfer to AA!

I would say that deals aren’t circulated as much online. All the chatter is underground now.

Credit Cards are King

Even though Canadian cards don’t provide as much value as American ones, we still have it pretty good. Back then, where there were 15,000 points bonuses, we regularly see 25,000, 30,000 and even a 75,000 signup bonus with the American Express Business Platinum Card.

Additional Reading: 75,000 Points with the Business Platinum Card!

So if y’all just want to do a one of a few trips, I think it’s easier than ever to do that a fraction of the retail cost.

What’s Next?

I’m not sure, to be honest. But we’ll see!

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  1. Etihad Guest redemptions on ANA in F was outstanding for a few months. Apparently when they did the chart things like LAX NRT one way was something like 20,000 for Y 21,500 for J and 23,000 for F .. LOL

    Got a few round trips in ANA F with that one!

  2. You mentioned that “I would say that deals aren’t circulated as much online. All the chatter is underground now.” Where can we go to get this underground chatter? Thanks!

  3. Get in touch with all the bloggers and stay in touch. Offer up your own pieces of wisdom. Demonstrate progress and commitment to the points game. Attend meetups.

  4. You thought 15,000 was a poor credit card sign-up bonus? I just flipped through my Aeroplan files. I didn’t keep everything from way back when, (I think I joined in 1995) but I just found an “Aeroplan Member Guide” from 2001. There are ads for the Amex Aeroplan Platinum card offering a sign-up bonus of 5,000 miles! I think that was also what I received as a bonus on my first CIBC Aerogold Visa card?

    I also remember the CIBC cash advance cheques that earned Aeroplan miles. You would write the cheque to yourself, deposit it to your bank account, and pay off the advance to avoid the interest. Those were fun.

    It’s also interesting flipping through the list of Star Alliance partners in the guide… Ansett Australia! I’d completely forgotten they existed. And others like Varig and BMI.

    And when booking your Aeroplan award online, you needed to call in within 72 hours of booking to confirm it.

    I also see that SE status by segment needed 150 to qualify back then.

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