United Devaluation Nov 2017 – And My Thoughts

Another United devaluation is occurring, this time on November 1, 2017. Most star alliance business class award and first class awards, with the exception of Europe, is increasing 5-10k miles.

United Devaluation - New Award Chart

United Devaluation – New Award Chart

To view the latest prices, see their revised chart here.

There aren’t too many miles in my United account. I assume that’s the same for most Canadians. So, what’s interesting is looking at how crazy award inflation has been.

4 years ago, a Star Alliance First Class award from North America to North/South Asia was 70,000 miles. In a few months, it’s going to be 140,000 miles. Thats insane. Even Aeroplan only charges 110,000, and I consider that a lot. Keep in mind 6 years ago, before all the devaluations, Aeroplan first class to Asia was only 120,000 miles roundtrip, with no fuel surcharges. Those were the times…

United Devaluation – Will Aeroplan follow?

One change I’m particularly annoyed about is Australia to South Asia increasing 25,000 miles from 40,000 to 65,000 one-way in first class. When buying United miles with award accelerator, flying Thai First Class costs under $800.

Thai Airways First Class

Thai Airways First Class

Unsurprisingly, sweet spots like these were hit quite hard. With each passing devaluation, it seems those values are being hit the hardest. The single best award redemption that Aeroplan had was intra-Asia 1, which was 30,000 miles roundtrip. This was heavily raised during the last Aeroplan devaluation in late 2015, from 30k to 80k.

Before the Air Canada and Aeroplan/Aimia split, I would have been really worried. Thankfully, now that they’re really trying to keep members happy, I am guessing they will not be changing the award charts since there would be some backlash.

As for earning Aeroplan miles, I recommend American Express. This is because they have the option to transfer to Aeroplan, but other partners as well depending on how things go. Four charge cards are available, all with increased bonuses. AMEX has also just improved their application eligibility requirements, making it easier for many people to obtain a card.

It’s funny, because Aeroplan is really striving to make the customer experience better. In the past three weeks, they’ve added the functionality of viewing your Partner Record Locators online. As well Copa availability is back online; so is Air China award space.

What are you thoughts on the United devaluation?

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  1. I did BKK SYD for the 40k rate last year. BKK F lounge is incredible. Although I pre ordered the lobster thermidor and they did not load it onto the plane. I was pissed. But over all it was amazing. Probably going to do it once more before the deval. Note to all the
    747-400 is the old F, 747 is the new suites. I flew old F, day time flight with a friend so it was fine, either is amazing

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