PayTM Canada – Pay Bills with your Credit Card and Earn Points!

My current favourite app is Paytm Canada. They’re a mobile app that allows you to pay your bills with your credit card, similar to Plastiq. Downloadable on iOS and Android, you can get a $10 credit using promo code PTM9462620 when signing up and paying your first bill of more than $25.

While Paytm is new in Canada, they are a large payment services company in India, backed by names like Alibaba. In the app, you can pay thousands of billers with on taxes, rent, tuition, and more. At this time, they do not have a desktop interface or website. This only works on your mobile device.

Paytm Canada App

Paytm Canada App

Paytm Promotion

You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or bank account to pay bills. Normally, the fee for using credit cards is 1.75%. But, the biggest part of the deal is that they are waiving the 1.75% credit card service fee for a limited time! There’s nothing public, but you should see it reflected at your payment screen. The best promo code to use when signing up is PTM9462620, which gets you $10 after paying your first bill > $25. This is on top of the convenience charge waiver, so just for using the app, you get an additional $10 absolutely free!

Patym Canada - Fee Waived

Patym Canada – Fee Waived

The maximum daily payment is $1500, per account, which means for every payment during the promotion, you save $26.25 and earn 1500+ points! There’s no cost either, because you would normally use your bank account to pay these. For larger bills, you can repeat the process daily as necessary. This is fantastic for those with who owe the CRA lots of money, have pricy property tax bills, or lots of student tutiton/debt.

If you’ve recently gotten an credit card, this is a great way to complete minimum spend. The American Express Business Gold or Business Platinum Card have the highest spends required for the signup bonus – $5000. In just 4 days, you’ve met your the spend required! If you haven’t already gotten the card because thought the spending required was too high, using Paytm makes it easy to get the 40,000 or 75,000 points bonus!

a screenshot of a phone

Paytm – Earn $10 Free with Code PTM9462620


In terms of MS, you can earn a ton of points for free, and it’s completely legitimate – you’re paying bills. Most companies should let you overpay your bills and offer an easy way to get the excess funds back. Compared to the AC Conversion cards, where I was withdrawing and depositing hundreds of $20 bills a day, this is a lot easier.

Additional Reading: MS – AC Conversion Cards

Paytm waiving credit card fees for bill payments is the most generous deal I’ve seen this year. I don’t know how long this promotion will run, so sign up quickly!

Use PTM9462620 for $10 after paying your first bill!

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  1. […] One of my favourite services right now is the PayTM app. It lets you pay bills with credit cards where normally you can’t use one, allowing you to earn additional miles and points. They are similar to Plastiq, but have a much better product and stronger customer service. PayTM is a large payment services company in India backed by Alibaba. They first launched in Canada in July 2017. […]


  1. This is the line that turned me off the most:

    “The best promo code to use when signing up is PTM973059”

  2. I have no problem with referral codes which give you a benefit when someone uses them, but I wish you would be like other bloggers and be transparent about this, spelling out what you gain for each referral. I notice you never seem to.

  3. Are you sure that Canada revenue agency is one of the payees?

    When and where in the sign up process do I put the referral code so that we will both benefit?

    Ps I will use another one of your referrals for another credit card, you consistently have the best offers

      • I was hoping CRA GST remittances would be an option. But it’s not. 🙁

        (There’s a “corporate tax” remittance category, but Paytm interface (correctly) doesn’t accept GST account numbers in the account number field for that remittance.)

  4. On a similar note, can we skip repeated / low quality posts just to promote referrals (old wine in new bottle kinda posts) ?

    • Manu, nice to hear from you. Could you explain in more detail what kind of low quality posts I’m writing? I’m taking a look at my content for the past few weeks and there really anything topic-wise I’d change given most of it is unique or important news.

  5. Agree with the other commenters. “Use THIS CODE to get xxx!” is very different from “I’d be grateful if you used my referral code for xxx”.

    Useful info though.

  6. I may be out of step here, but I don’t mind the referral code or the shameless plug. It got me $10. At least this is a post about being able to get me money and credit card points, as opposed to just trying to sell me a product.

    THX Canadian Kilometers

  7. I have no problem with you earning a living through writing this blog and getting referral kickbacks in reply. No-one expects you to work so hard for free.

    My only regret is that all my property taxes were due on July 4 so I missed out on a lot of spend and points. Darn.

    Before I sign up can you tell me if I can pay bills outside the country? And if so how does the forex play out?


    • I don’t think there are any international payees listed, other than India. I would think in those cases they’d charge you directly in rupees. Given that I have none of those bills to pay I’m not exactly sure about that.

  8. I would sure like to get some data points whether this will work for the US… assuming you can get the app.

  9. Have they stopped waiving the convenience fee on taxes to Canada revenue agency ?

    For the first time today, I was charged 1.75 percent. Is this a mistake?

    I find the app very buggy and rush through whatever I am doing — I may go back to plastiq for peace of mind.

    At 1.75 percent or 2.5 percent there is no profit anymore, but still inclined to do it

  10. They removed the charge for cra after the fact, and have not been charging it anymore.

    They now seem to be limiting me to $170 per day — have been refused in the 300 range, got the figure of 170 from redflagdeals , so that is what I am paying. I am up to about 6000 , but now have some other credit cards which need to be used. I would be ok with paying a convenience fee if they allowed 1500 or more like plastiq does.

    Anyone else have experience with being throttled? Any work arounds? Canadian kilometres are you using it for 7000 plus per week?

  11. There are just 6 billers in the most coveted Rent category… is this normal? I can find my building in Plastiq and add them as payee with any bank account but not here?.. Whyyy…. :(((( Briarlane Rental Properties…

  12. Hey Jeff, I just applied, I hope your referral code is still working. Do you have any idea how can I pay the rent with any of my new SPG credit cards???? I used your referral codes for these cards, I just got the first one, waiting for the second one 🙂
    Id really appreciate an advice, thanks in advance!



  13. HI,

    I am trying to pay Hydro bill and property tax, but it asks me to add funds / bank account for payment and I don’t see a credit card option to pay these bills. What am I missing? Thanks.

  14. There seems to be an option to pay credit card bills in the app? Am I crazy, or does this seem to suggest they have it set up to pay credit card bills with credit cards?!? Seems like a ridiculous way to double-dip on all your spending by paying your bill with another card before you pay it in cash?

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