Last Day before SPG AMEX Changes!

The BMO World Elite MasterCard currently has an increased offer of up to 60,000 BMO Rewards and a first year annual fee waiver. It is one of the few products in Canada to provide travel insurance on award tickets. Offer ends December 6, 2022. Apply today!


Two of the best credit cards to get are the SPG Personal American Express and SPG Business American Express, which currently have increased bonuses.

SPG American Express

SPG American Express

This AMEX is the best out there to maximize points on everyday spend. It also has a excellent bonus of 25,000 SPG points after completing minimum spend, which are very valuable for many redemption options. SPG points are one of the highest value and most flexible miles currencies out there, so you stretch your travel dollars a long way. View my review of the card here, as well as other content about about utilizing SPG points:

Today may be the last day where you can earn up to 35,000 SPG points when applying for the card. With the referral program, you can earn 10,000 points for each approval. If applying today, you will earn 25,000 on the bonus for the card itself, and then another 10,000 for referring. This may end today, September 27th. In the footnotes on the referral page, the following language states:

To be eligible for this referral bonus, your friend must apply for the Card by September 27, 2017. We can still accept applications after this date but you1 may or may not be eligible for this bonus.

This language is very vague on what will happen, and there are variety of things that can happen. First, it is unlikely the improved offer will change. The 25,000 SPG point bonus runs until October 18, 2017, through all channels. I also do not think the minimum spend requirement will change. Keep in mind, you are only permitted to have two credit cards open at one time. The new AMEX Cobalt Card released yesterday is also a credit card, although word is still out on whether it counts toward the limit.

Tambo Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Property

Tambo Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Property

Most likely, the referral bonus will decrease. There is the possibility that it will leave the referral program, like with the Gold Rewards Card, but many people think that new referrals will only be earning 5,000 points instead of the current 10,000. If you only have one of the cards, I strongly suggest getting the other one to earn the total 50,000 points from the SPG Personal American Express and the SPG Business American Express.

While you are able to self-refer, I highly recommend against that. This is against the terms and conditions, so if the application doesn’t post correctly, you’re out of luck when it comes to asking AMEX for the bonus retroactively. Instead, I recommend trading referrals with a friend or family member. You use their link, and they use yours, each pocketing 10k SPG. Both SPG cards can refer to the personal and business version of the card.

Apply for the SPG American Express Card at this link.

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  1. Re the Cobalt Card: “although word is still out on whether it counts toward the limit”

    What are you thinking? That it is in another product family, or that the rules are more nuanced than a two card limit, or something else ?

      • I applied for the new Cobalt card yesterday and got the message to call in. When I did I was told that I needed to close one of my other Amex cards — I have the SPG and Airmiles (no fee) cards. I closed the Airmiles one and then was processed to receive the Cobalt. So it does look like there is the two card limit.

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