Redeem Singapore Krisflyer Miles on Alaska Airlines!

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Last month, Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced a new partnership that would include a codeshare agreement, and reciprocal mileage earning/redemption opportunities. This began September 27th, so you can now earn Alaska Mileage Plan and Singapore Krisflyer Miles. The earning arrangement is very generous.

MileagePlan Accrual Chart - Singapore Airlines

MileagePlan Accrual Chart – Singapore Airlines

You can earn up to 475% RDM (redeemable miles) flying in Paid First Class. This would be broken into 100% Base Miles, 50% Class of Service Bonus, 200% Fare Class Bonus, and 125% Elite MVP75k Bonus. That might be the highest I’ve ever seen. With Krisflyer, all Alaska fares, including deep discount economy, earns 100% of the flown miles. To earn additional miles, get the Starwood American Express, which offers an increased 25,000 SPG point bonus transferrable both to Alaska and Krisflyer.

Redeem Krisflyer on Alaska Airlines

Yesterday, Krisflyer released their Alaska Airlines redemption chart. Again, I’m pleasantly surprised by how reasonable it is, especially for awards to/from Canada. The award chart is zone-based, with separate amounts for coach and First Class. Unfortunately, the pricing isn’t especially linear. Stopovers are not permitted as well, even on round-trip awards at twice the amount.

Krisflyer Redemption Chart - Alaska Airlines

Krisflyer Redemption Chart – Alaska Airlines

There is still a lot to know, as this redemption option became available just yesterday. However, if this award chart works the way I think it does, it may be an amazing value to use Krisflyer miles on Alaska Airlines. Canada falls into Zone 2 along with southwest US states.. Nearly any redemption to/from Canada will be cheaper than any other airline mileage redemption. Any Zone 1 to Zone 1/2 redemption costs:

  • Singapore Krisflyer: 7,500 Miles
  • Alaska MileagePlan: 7,500+ Miles
  • Aeroplan: 12,500 miles (on Air Canada or United)
  • Avios: 15,000 miles (12,000 with the AMEX 25% Transfer Bonus)

The cost with Alaska miles is the same, although I value those much more than Krisflyer. An example routing would be Vancouver (Zone 2) to San Francisco (Zone 1) or Colorado Springs (Zone 2). This gets even better with Zone 2 to Zone 5. The savings become even more apparent:

  • Singapore Krisflyer: 11,500 Miles
  • Alaska Mileage Plan: 17,500+ Miles
  • Avios: 20,000 miles (16,000 with the AMEX 25% Transfer Bonus)
  • Aeroplan: 22,500 miles


There is still conflicting information that needs clarity. We know already that stopovers are not permitted, but the terms and conditions say different things about layovers. First, mixed itineraries are allowed:

If an award itinerary includes different classes of service, the award level corresponding to the highest class will apply.

That implies that connecting awards are available. Furthermore, there are many sections of the chart where no award price is quoted – because you would need two awards for the redemption – like New York City – Maui (Zone 4-5). Again, that would point to connecting flights being available for prices that are listed – otherwise they’d be broken into separate awards. The part that doesn’t make sense is this:

Transfers and stopovers are not permitted.

I hope they just mean transfer in a different way. Singapore is very strict on back-tracking and layovers (4 hour max on these bookings), but we’ll soon see what’s possible and what’s not as people start booking awards.

View the Singapore Krisflyer Redemption Chart on Alaska Airlines.

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