$25+ of Groceries… Free!

Recently, there’s been a bread price-fixing scandal implicating several national retailers. Loblaws, having disclosed this to the Competition bureau, will receive immunity for the investigation. In return, they’ve decided to offer an incentive.

$25 Loblaws Gift Card

Bread Price-Fixing - $25 Loblaw Card

Bread Price-Fixing – $25 Loblaw Card

If you haven’t already gotten your card, it’s easy to do so. Visit loblawscard.ca to get one shipped to your address. To be eligible, you must have purchased bread between 2002-2015 from one their grocers, and also the age of majority. If you live in Canada, that basically includes… everyone.

Loblaws reserves the right to limit the cards issued, so it’s better to get one now. They ask for your date of birth and address, so basically what could be needed to apply for a credit card. In some cases where they suspect something is going on, they’ve asked for a copy of your government ID. I’m totally not worried at all, hah.

This form must be submitted by May 8, 2018, and is limited to one per customer. For more information, they have a FAQ page.

More Rewards $25 Shopping Incentive

More Rewards $25

More Rewards $25

As a response, Save-on-foods has decided to “match” Loblaws with a $25 shopping incentive. Save-on-Foods is owned by Overwaitea and the Jim Pattison group, primarily serving BC as well as Alberta.

To be eligible, you must have been a More Rewards member before Dec 31, 2017. I actually don’t have a More Rewards account, so I guess it really is worth signing up for every single program for instances like this.

You will have to login in to load the offer on your More Rewards Card, and it will apply towards your next purchase at a store. You can also redirect the $25 towards your local food bank, which is really nice.

This offer is one per household, and you must register by April 30, 2018.


  1. Ditched my card when the asked for my driver’s license. I mentioned that they mailed the card to me and have my address and I don’t want to provide anymore personal information because that info will be held in El Salvador (as per their T&Cs) and El Salvador has no privacy or data laws. No thanks. Another scummy move by Loblaws.

  2. You don’t actually need to have purchased anything to be eligible.
    I’m donating my $25 card to the food bank — if we all did that, the needy could benefit to the tune of millions of dollars…seems like a great use for what is essentially free food money.
    I didn’t realize SOF were matching it — tx for the heads-up 🙂

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