Nova Credit with American Express Global Transfer

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American Express Global Transfer is one of the easiest ways to get a US credit card if you are planning to move to the USA. Previously, you had to call their dedicated phone line to initiate an application, which I found time-consuming. This meant you could only get the limited offers available on the phone. However, there is now a new option that allows you to apply online, called Nova Credit. This is huge, because the best bonuses are often only available online. Since American Express USA has a once per lifetime rule on welcome bonuses, you should always look for the best available offer before applying.

American Express Global Transfer

Recently, I went through the process to get the Hilton Aspire American Express card. It comes with a whopping 150,000 point welcome bonus, and is one of the best hotel credit cards for Canadians who are eligible. Because hotel points other than Marriott are more difficult to access in Canada, I strongly recommend applying for a Hilton American Express credit card rather than a product earning Membership Rewards.

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The new application method does not negate other requirements of Global Transfer. You must be a Canadian AMEX cardholder in good standing, and have been a cardholder for at least three months with recent activity on the card. In this situation, I have the American Express Cobalt Card which is eligible for the Global Transfer process. The Cobalt Card is THE best card to earn points on Dining and Groceries, with a 5x bonus multiplier. You can earn up to 30,000 points through the offer, with no cap on the 5x bonus.

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Using Nova Credit

As well, you must have a US bank account, ID details, and US address. It’s also recommend you have a US phone number as text messages for fraud and verification do not go through to foreign phone numbers.

American Express Global Transfer - Nova Credit

American Express Global Transfer – Nova Credit

The difference on the application page is that the Social Security Number box is now optional. There is also the checkbox to verify your Canadian credit history online. This is powered by Nova Credit, which sounds like a pretty nifty startup. To access this application method, you must be physically present in the US or use a VPN. I use ExpressVPN, one of the best VPNs for travel. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day free trial for new customers. If you are accessing the application overseas, the page will vary slightly and will not show the Nova Credit option.

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After filling in the rest of the application, you will be taken to the third-party Nova Credit site to use your foreign credit history. For verification, you will have to enter similar details to a standard credit card application – name, date of birth, and address. Optionally, you can also enter your Social Insurance Number. If this is successful, you will be taken to answer security questions.

I strongly recommend verifying your Canadian credit reports to ensure that the process goes smoothly. You can get your free Equifax credit score and report with Borrowell, which should display pertinent personal information including past addresses and open accounts.

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Unfortunately, the system errored out. It was unable to pull the credit history likely because of a mismatch of information. This means American Express will process your information using standard procedures. You will receive an application number and will have to call American Express to proceed. It isn’t too bad, because successfully using Nova Credit will still require you to call them to verify your cardholder, ID, and bank details.


Hilton Aspire American Express

Hilton Aspire American Express

American Express Global Transfer is one of the best ways to access US credit cards and their valuable rewards. Overall, Nova Credit is a great new application method that simplifies the transfer process for existing Canadian cardholders. For your first card, I highly recommend the Hilton Aspire American Express card, which was what I applied for. Not only is there a 150,000 point signup bonus, but a huge chunk of benefits that make the card worthwhile keeping permanently. These include a $250 airline credit, a $250 hotel resort credit, and complimentary Hilton Diamond status.

Has anyone used Nova Credit to apply for an American Express USA product?

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  1. Two questions about the card.

    1)How do you get value from the $250 airline credit. It says its only good for checked baggage and in flight refreshments. Not something I ever pay. How might someone who flies Alaska get value?
    2)The $250 Hilton resort credit. Do you earn this by paying over $250 at any Hilton resort.

    Great and timely post as I am interested in getting into the US card game.

    • 1) You can buy gift cards. While not actually permitted in the T&C, AMEX seems to automatically credit these charges. You can pick an airline you want or if none work for you, you could sell them online at 85-90% of face value.
      2) Yes, the $250 resort credit is valid on any resort on any charge, as long as it’s billed directly by the hotel. You could redeem points for the property and the $250 would cover incidentals like food or spa, or they would also be valid on any paid rate charged by the hotel.
      These benefits are thus worth $475-500 in cash, and easily offset the annual fee without including the complimentary weekend night and diamond status.

  2. For the US bank requirement, is it good enough to get an US account with royal bank? Or do I need to open a bank account in the US itself. My in-laws live in the US and I’m going to be living with them for an extended time. I’d like to get an American credit card for the bonus and fir the convenience while I’m living there. Advice appreciated.

  3. Accidentally closed the webpage that took me to the nova credit website. I applied again to be safe but didn’t get this screen again. I have an Amex app ref #. Is there a number I can call to see if I can provide the info they need?

  4. Thanks!! I was playing around on the Amex US site and it asked if I wanted to apply using my Canadian credit history. When I got to the SSN field there was an option to switch to “foreign passport”. It did ask for my income and assets as well as US address, but didn’t ask for bank account info. I’m guessing I will need to call and provide that information.? Plus answer their other question to move the application along.

    I considered the Hilton ascend initially, but eventually went big with the Aspire.

  5. I laready did a Global Transfer and got the SPG with the 75,000. When’s a good time to apply for the one you recommend? I’ve had the SPG for 2 months and the Bonus has posted.

  6. Gary, from View from the Wing writes that “American Express Airline Fee Credits Appear Not to Be Working for American Airlines Gift Cards Anymore”. I was sort of counting on making use out of $250 airline credit.

  7. Regarding “welcome bonus once per lifetime”, does that extend to all American Express products or is it on a per product basis, e.g. if I signup for AMEX USA Hilton and receive bonus, could I apply for AMEX US Platinum down the line me receive the bonus as well?


  8. How do people proceed with income and employment? if you state your Canadian employer and income but you have everything else (u.s. address, SSN, U.S. bank account) will that reject the application?

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