Limited Time: Earn 5x PayTM points

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PayTM is a great bill payment service that lets earn more points with your credit card absolutely free. I’ve written about it before back when they accepted credit cards for all bills without a fee. If you don’t already have an account, use PTM9462620 when signing up. After paying a bill of at least $50, you will earn 5,000 bonus points. As well, you can currently use credit cards such as the BMO World Elite Mastercard without a fee on PayTM to earn more points.

source: PayTM

source: PayTM

PayTM Rewards

Last year, PayTM officially launched their own points program – PayTM Rewards. You earn one point per dollar you pay with the app with a monthly limit. PayTM classifies billers into three categories: Mobile/Utility, Taxes/Credit Cards, and Other. If you max out each category, you can earn 2,000 PayTM points monthly, excluding additional bonuses.

Until March 11th, 2019, you can earn 5x PayTM points on credit card bills, to a limit of 5,000 bonus points. The bonus is valid for both new and existing users. This promotion works best if you pay your bills manually. I don’t normally use pre-authorized payments because I like to review my charges and often pay before the monthly statement is generated.

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If you max out this promotion and use code PTM9462620 to sign up, you will earn at least 11,000 points. PayTM points can be used on a wide variety of gift cards. A common redemption is a $10 gift card for 10k PayTM points, giving each point a 0.1 cent value. Otherwise, you can also redeem your points for a discount towards buying gift cards, or during limited time offers with for other items. In the past, these have included Beats Headphones and Airpods.

View the promotion’s complete Terms and Conditions here.

Using Credit Cards with PayTM

One of the biggest benefits of PayTM is being able to pay billers that don’t normally accept credit cards. For example, my utilities don’t directly take credit cards. They use a third-party payment service with a 1.75% charge. At that rate, I would just use my bank account. However, PayTM is currently waiving fees when using a Mastercard. I currently use the BMO World Elite Mastercard, which has a great offer of 35,000 BMO Rewards points and a first year annual fee waiver.

PayTM Billers Search

PayTM Billers Search

No other company or payment service is that generous. Thus, I earn a few thousand extra points without needing to manufacture spend or buy more things. Furthermore, you still can also pay some large billers such as local property taxes with credit cards. In the past, tuition was also an option. A large tax payment in the thousands makes it very easy to complete higher minimum spends. Most verified accounts are limited to $1,500 in payments per day, so it will only take two payments to complete the $3,000 spending requirement on the BMO World Elite Mastercard.

American Express cards are also a payment option, but receive a surcharge of 3%. This usually isn’t worth it unless you use it to unlock a large signup bonus – like the offer for the American Express Platinum Card. PayTM does not currently accept Visa because of cash advance issues, so a Mastercard is the best option. Remember, you earn PayTM points on top of all your credit card rewards when paying your bills.

I have earned tens of thousands of points from PayTM, and any loyalty rewards aficionado should have the app on their mobile device.

Download PayTM today and use code PTM9462620 to earn up to 5,000 points after paying your first bill.

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