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Quintuple Dipping and Stacking Promos for Hyatt Gift Cards

One of my favourite things in the Hobby™ is stacking promotions. In this case, I pieced together several promotions going on all at once to get a humongous discount on a Hyatt Gift Card. How? By leveraging two gift card promotions, triple dipping with rebate programs and cashback, and utilizing a category bonus. Let’s read…

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Are good hotel redemptions not all about points?

Generally Hyatt top-tier redemptions are very aspirational, and I don’t disagree with that. If redeemed properly, it’s very possible to afford rooms/hotels that would be out of a normal person’s price point. For example the Park Hyatt Paris is $830 USD or 22,000 points: But sometime you have to learn to live without Hyatt Points. For…

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