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Google Project Fi Review

A few of my friends have picked up Project Fi, a wireless plan offered by Google. This is an innovative service because you can switch between US Cellular, T-Mobile, and Sprint networks in America. Pricing is also very reasonable. There’s only one plan, starting at $20 per month. The plan requires a minimum of 1GB of data, with…

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T-Mobile International Data Roaming Review

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about T-Mobile unlimited international data roaming both in the miles/points world and in the mainstream media. Previously, I’ve talked before about using KnowRoaming, which is a pretty ingenious SIM-sticker which works internationally. KnowRoaming has pretty high rates for Asia ($0.31/mb for Japan) so I wasn’t really keen on paying that. Amol…

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KnowRoaming SIM Review

When I’m travelling, I use local SIMs for my unlocked phone. These wouldn’t be the most convenient, however, for layovers or short stays (23 hour stopovers). There are many international SIM’s available out there, but they generally charge a flat rate per day, usually with a minimum number of days required, so local SIM cards…

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