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I’m probably one of the most connected people when travelling, and one of my biggest concerns about hotels is having slow internet speeds. I’m not the person that actively checks wifi speaks nor actively avoid hotels for wifi speeds, but it is nice having fast speeds.

Usually, I don’t pay for wifi anyways because I am an elite status member in the chains that I’m loyal too which are primarily Hyatt and to a lesser extent SPG.

There’s this cool new site which popped up and claims to display the wifi speeds of the hotels which based on user reports. So far, they have a bunch of cities listed in their database which include New York, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, and others.

I’d definitely take this with a grain of salt because I have no idea how they verify this and certainly the confidence of their speed estimates isn’t very reassuring:

Check Hotel Wifi Speed Andaz Amsterdam

Check Hotel Wifi Speed Andaz Amsterdam

I was just at the Andaz AMS last month and they definitely had decent internet, so this could be true? Most chain hotels do have brand standards though which include wifi, so I guess this website is great if you’re especially picky with your wifi speeds, and you do need a 50mbps or higher connection.

You can access HotelWifiTest here.

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