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I don’t care for metal credit cards. They take more space than necessary, and are now so mainstream. What people should primarily be looking for are the rewards and benefits associated with opening a new account. If you want a metal card in Canada, you have three options. Unfortunately, you can only get these after meeting certain eligibility criteria.

American Express Centurion Card

American Express Centurion Card

American Express Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card was probably the first metal credit card, and has been in Canada since 2009. Each country has it’s own Centurion card with differing features. The US (and Canadian, I believe) version require a $5,000 initiation fee and a $2,500 annual fee. There is talk that you had to spend $250,000 (today likely $350,000-$500,000) per year to ask for an invite to the Centurion Card. None of this has been confirmed; this card is invitation-only.

This was one of the best credit cards in the world, with incredible benefits. However, new credit card products, such as the American Express Cobalt Card, are offering richer rewards. As well, there have been cutbacks with the Centurion program. The people getting the best deals are likely those who are grandfathered with lower annual fees. The added benefits using this card include Delta Platinum and Hilton Diamond status, as well as improved travel benefits and a dedicated concierge.

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RBC Private Banking Visa Infinite Privilege

RBC Private Banking Visa Infinite

The RBC Private Banking Visa Infinite Privilege, as stated, is only available to private banking clients. To join, you need minimum of $1 million dollars in investible assets or a net worth of $3 million dollars. The closest comparable card is their mass-market RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege, which has an annual fee of $399, although it’s not metal. Both cards earn 1.25 Avion Points per dollar, 25% more than the typical 1 Avion point you earn with an RBC Avion Visa Infinite or Visa Platinum.

Other than the Starwood American Express Credit Card, this is the only method of indirectly earning AAdvantage miles with a Canadian credit card. You also get other Visa Infinite Privilege benefits like Priority Pass, expedited security, and a dedicated concierge, although those benefits are easily matched with the American Express Platinum Card and NEXUS.

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HSBC Jade World Elite MasterCard

HSBC Jade World Elite MasterCard

HSBC Jade World Elite MasterCard

Jade by HSBC is the upper echelon of HSBC Premier status, requiring a minimum of $1 million dollars in deposits or investible assets. HSBC Premier normally requires holding $100,000 with them and is much more attainable. This card was very interesting given that I only had learned about it recently. Of the three cards, this seems the most attractive metal credit card option.

First, the annual fee of $299 is waived indefinitely for those that meet the requirements. The card also comes with an annual $200 travel credit, free Etihad Gold elite status, and concierge service from Quintessentially. On top of that, it is also one of the few credit cards in Canada that waives foreign transaction fees, the other being the HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard, and the HomeTrust Preferred Visa.

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These cards do not provide the additional benefits that should match their increased fees. Most of these cardholders are not minutely concerned about the value they’re getting with these products. Now, if you want a metal credit card, your best option is completing the American Express Global Transfer program and opening a Platinum Card in the US.


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