Aeroplan Transfer Promotion

So, Aeroplan releases its typical seasonal transfer bonuses (this one is valid until December 17), with bonuses around the usual levels:

a screenshot of a graph

What sucks this time around, is that AMEX is not included. The only redemption that I see worthwhile then, are:

CIBC Aventura -> Aeroplan: Good to use with the recent signup bonus and 50% rebate on annual fee.

I would argue against transferring from any hotel partners as first of all you can find better transfer partners with SPG, Wyndham, and BW, such as AA/UA.

And there’s also Bank of America, but I live in Canada…

Anyways, what are you planning to do with your AMEX now?




  1. Good to see a site geared towards Canadian viewers — despite us being a limited audience. I’ve never really noticed as I was hoarding for the big conversion, but Gary over at viewfromawing mentions that Amex is always excluded from the transfer bonuses?!

  2. @mtlfire – Not always. There’s was one in May that did include AMEX. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. Do note that in May, US AMEX didn’t qualify. If you want a full list of transfer promos, send me an email and I can give you a flyertalk thread with a history of all the promos.

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