Hilton Gold and more for $49.95

You can get Hilton Gold for $49.95. How? Through milepoint premium membership. I am assuming it’s for a full year so it should last through March 2015. Even if you only plan to have one or two stays in the next year, you’d probably reap the value back from the membership.

Milepoint P2

Milepoint P2


Hilton Gold includes point earnings elite bonuses, space-available upgrades, continental breakfast, wifi, among other benefits. This is especially important for Canadians because there’s no easy way to signup up for a credit card and get free Hilton Gold, so this is your best alternative. If you also haven’t applied for the Citi Hilton Reserve, then this is also an excellent deal as it’s even lower than the $95 annual fee (although you do get two free nights, but you’re trading off a credit pull).

The other things of value in my opinion is a free AwardWallet Pro Upgrade and 1,000 United Miles, which are themselves worth at least $15. So this is a FANTASTIC deal, and I’d advise you to sign up ASAP. There are also lots of other partners offering discounts on travel related products. By no means is it a free gold status, but this is as close as it gets and probably one of the best deals for anyone who has or doesn’t have access to US credit cards to get Hilton mid-tier status.

You can purchase it here.  For full disclosure and I have no relationship with milepoint, other than just signing up myself just now.

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  1. Although it’s $10 less, in my opinion based on my needs and usage it was a better deal last year.

    Hyatt Platinum status was given last year instead of Hilton Gold. But if you already had Hyatt status you received 2000 Hyatt points. There get no alternative this year if you already have Hilton status.

    Last year included 2000 UA miles, not 1000. There was also a 24 Gogo pass.

  2. OMG!!!! I feel like I just won the lottery! I was looking for a way I could get Gold status for an upcoming stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and this is it! Yipeeeeee! Thanks Jeff!!!!

  3. Hey Jeff…any idea how long it takes for your Hilton Gold status to appear on your account once you’ve claimed it?

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