Buying VR with profit, emotional and avgeek youtube videos, and various random weekend musings/rambling

Sometimes I ramble a lot. If you don’t find me interesting outside of my expert wonderful posts such as cheap international first class and cheaper domestic first class and crazy flights and award chart sweet spots you should stop reading. Seriously.

I really like Mr. TBB’s Motto: “TBB Mission: To Entertain, Educate and Inspire. Aim to at least do one well!”

I hope I am doing at least the first objective correctly. 🙂

I’d like to talk about miles and points but honestly at the moment right now I haven’t got anything to say. I missed Chicago Seminars and that was sad and too bad, but I guess I’ll go next year.

Look at this guy’s credit cards! Serious churner!



Here are also two Youtube Videos on two Thai Insurance Videos. Incredible and so emotionally charged. Maybe not so realistic (I have no idea) but it’s a must watch.

Here is also another youtube video Ad on the Lenovo Yogabook. I think that is Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (herringbone) is it not?

Also as you well know I like to gossip a lot. On twitter. And apparently today I like to use a lot of sentence fragments. Here are two posts I think that if you’re interested in how we all blog you definitely should read which are extremely eye-opening:

Travel Summary loses his affiliate links (for the record, I got denied by AMEX and US Bank for direct links as well. I also got dropped by Discover. Full disclosure, there!)

Anyways, and also:

Saverocity – Blogging Check

A lot of bloggers write because they want to. A lot of bloggers also write certain posts because they get revenue from linkbombing people. Like this one. Yep, I’m guilty of it too. Since I don’t have affiliate links I can say that you need to keep the bloggers honest. I’ll probably flip-flop on this statement anyways once I get my links.

Ok, now I am seriously rambling. More points related stuff coming … soon 🙂

Right, also if you want unlimited points from VR and free gift cards go pester TBB. I don’t have bluebird myself, but here is what he says:

Many have offered to volunteer me to spill the secret. First, this does not apply to most of you as it is restricted to some states (mostly around Midwest). Second, the minute it gets out it will be shut down. The special angle to it will likely be fixed any day so I do not expect the gift cards to last much longer. When that happens I may just come out. Or I also expect some other blogger to figure it out and spill the beans to gain some publicity. This is the first time this happens to me as a blogger so my emotions about dealing with this issue are tormenting me. In my heart, I know if it gets publicized it will get killed. If I keep quiet, two things will happen: either the company fixes the “problem” (more like oversight) or some other blogger gets it out first.

If you know what this means then go and buy some VR!

Also if you have something to say say it. I hate having 0 comments. Or maybe nobody reads me. It’s been a hell of a week for me so this is probably the least of my worries.

Good night. I hope you enjoyed the content above. Or not, hater be haters. Thanks for reading and I love y’all. 🙂


  1. You can make a profit with a cashback card since the VR cost 0.008 cents/point. If you have a 2% or more cash back card, it can add up. Especially if you have a whole family maximizing the $5k/month on bluebird.

  2. bummed i’m not at the chicago seminars! with a headline like that, you’re going to get tons of people checking out your post 🙂

  3. Good post, Jeff! Maybe this should be your niche. Gossiper of travel blogging world. But nice and kind. I saw the guy with credit cards in Tampa. Nuts! Don’t be sad about Chicago. Always next year. As long as banks pay commission, these promotional events will go on.

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