Lifemiles has Singapore Business Class Space!

Along with the Lifemiles Sale, they are releasing Singapore Business Class Space!

The routes where I see award availability are SQ 22/21 (SIN-EWR) which is the longest flight in the world and will be cancelled in November this year:

a screenshot of a computer

I also see award space on the rest of the other routes, including

SQ1/2 (SFO-HKG), no space on the HKG-SIN sector



a screenshot of a computer screen

Note that some space may be phantom, so that means you will only get through to the page like the second screenshot, and not the page in the first screenshot where you pay with credit cards.

Also, remember that Lifemiles bills in US, so use a forex card for Canadians (and don’t for Americans).

Finally from personal experience lifemiles has a tendency to reject some credit cards so please don’t call and try and let this last as long as it can.

Get on it now, but DON’T CALL the CALL CENTER NO MATTER WHAT. Do not call SQ to confirm seats.






      • What do you mean your not blabbing? At least be honest about what you are doing. Extremely poor use of discretion. Just a coincidence you decided to post this your first day on BoardignArea? The person who blabbed this on FT last Tuesday was smart enough to pull it before the damage could be done.

          • No, I asked OP to pull it because at that time I did not believe the info would go public. When I posted I believe it would go public whether I post or not. Sure I wanted the pageviews with the post, but that doesn’t mean I “blabbed” it here.

  1. This is no news, and you can call the center. We’ve done so ourselves when the system gets jammed.

  2. I don’t understand why, as a Canadian-focused blog, you write “kilometers” instead of “kilometres”

  3. Kind of funny that one should write a blog post about a deal that’s not published extensively and then say “don’t call”…

    • I’m a bit confused about what you’re saying here. As far as I know, LM isn’t checking tickets that are ticketed online, so that’s why I have no qualms about publishing this post. I don’t want you to call SQ or LM because they may (or may not) find out.

  4. THANKS =) just grabbed one … got my e-ticket number from SQ and seat assigned … guess it’s all good to go =)

  5. I’m saying that many have been waiting for some SQ routes to become available again online, and I’m sure other BoardingArea bloggers know about this, but they decided not to publish… So it’s ironic that you publicize it and say keep quiet. 😉

    I’ve been waiting to book with a friend, but now I cannot get to step 3 on my preferred route.

    Anyone have success with EWR-SIN?

    • Andre, I don’t say keep quiet, but rather don’t call SQ or LM. Whether other bloggers choose to publish their posts is not my concern. This is my blog, and I hope you respect that!

  6. basic question – does UA or US or other Star Alliance have SQ Business Class award space? I have about 150K miles in each.

  7. Hey you actually peaked my interest. What exactly are LifeMiles? I’m in Canada too and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    A quick google search showed that this is affiliated with AviancaTaca. I’m guessing this is an airline?

  8. hi, i am trying to book ICN-SFO-LAS, with the ICN-SFO leg on SQ. but it doesnt seem to give me that option. when i tried it only the ICN-SFO segment, its available. any suggestions on how to make this work?

    • If SFO-LAS is in Y or F, LM will not allow multi-class tickets. Also if your connection time is too long, the ticket won’t price either. The system is a bit wonky.

        • That’s true. But I asked all the posters to redact the content; the first poster that discovered it did not redact. I merely posted today because it looked like to me that there had been other threads and tweets online that were not edited.

          • You have been the MOST fervent advocate of secrecy on the FT AV forum. Regardless of what excuses you come up with regarding what others have allegedly tweeted what you have done here makes no sense whatsoever. It can only be for your personal financial gain in the long term…and an attempt to make a name for yourself. Well done!

          • As I’ve said I do advocate secrecy. In this case I just believed that the information was going to go public whether I wrote the post or not, so that is why I posted. You are incorrect in assuming that there is any financial gain from this as there’s not.

  9. Hi Jeff! I’m in Canada, too. It’s nice to finally have someone blogging “with a Canadian prospective”! Thank you! Looking forward to see your future post! =)

  10. Why steal information from FT? I agree with Mark, on FT you tell people not to give deal information away to the bloggers, and then you go out and blog it in your first ever blog. Way to go Canadian Kilometers!!!

  11. I started this blog because I want more people to find more information on travel and miles specific to Canada. Monetization is not a priority nor an objective of mine at the moment. Again, we can all argue whether it’s right to release information that was posted publicly online.

    It seems like that people may think that I release private information and that I am contrary to what my actions have been on the forum in trying to keep everything private. To be clear, I don’t intend to reveal information that seems like a long lasting glitch, as you can see that I’m not publishing all the loopholes that exist with Lifemiles.

    My belief is that I publish when I think something will go public. And certain users on flyertalk can argue about whether the information can go public or not, but in this case, I thought that the information would go public, whether I POSTED OR NOT. In this case it’s disputable whether I’m correct, but in any case whether I posted or not I believe the information would have already gone public as there had already been a separate public thread on the Avianca forum for two days as well as tweets online.

    Just like lucky, “I find it’s worth sharing a deal when it’s clear the deal will die shortly, while it’s not worth sharing a deal if it could last a long time if not written about.” There’s simply no compromise when it comes to determining whether something will last or not. I’ve tried as hard as I can with this post to make sure I wasn’t breaking the “unspoken rules” of posting about deals and if you disagree please send me an email. I would love to talk with anyone who feels differently.

  12. “I want people to find more information on … miles specific to Canada”

    And the first deal you posted has everything to do with Canada!!

    “In this case it’s disputable”

    Not disputable. You claim you feel the deal will die shortly and hence you published it, and then you keep on insisting the deal is still open

    • I want people to find more information on … miles specific to Canada: Maybe that wasn’t worded properly. I feel that lifemiles is an especially good alternative to Aeroplan here in Canada simply because they have a stranglehold (no UA unfortunately). My deal doesn’t have EVERYTHING to do with Canada, but that doesn’t mean I have to talk only about Canadian program either.
      As I’ve said, thinking that the deal will die and the deal not actually being dead are two different things. I felt the information would go public whether I blogged about it or not.

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